Automated seed planter is a device that is used for the precision planting in agriculture sector, which reduces the farmer effort due to its automation and precision. In this system, tractor-mounted is replaced by a hub motor with batteries and vacuumed seed metering device, with this the rotation of the motor is converted into distance using Arduino circuit and remote controller, while the seed metering device work on the suction provided by vacuum to the perforated disk in the device and the rotation of perforated disk will be carried out by Arduino connected to stepper motor. This idea will increase the accuracy rate of plantation and will save the labor cost, with no fuel system involvement. This method minimized and overcome the disadvantage that occurred in the previous process and will achieve the spacing between two seeds and depth of seed planting to achieve the proper germination.


The aim of this project is to design analysis and fabricate an automated seed planting device. Which will take over manual labor.


Following are the objectives of this project

  • To achieve precision sowing with automation.
  • To make it reliable and less costly.
  • To achieve proper germination.
  • To achieve the exact sowing distance between two seeds.
  • Easy calibration
  • To achieve single seed drop.

Group Members




    CU-386-2016 –B







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Proposed Methodology


Front Isometric View


Results & Conclusions

  • At first when the thickness of angle iron was 4mm so the maximum stress and deformation was less which in
    result gave us greater fos.
  • Greater the fos more expensive the product will be.
  • Then we reduced the thickness to 2mm and the maximum stress, increased little also the deformation but the fos
    was very large, our aim was to achieve fos near to 2.
  • So by keeping thickness to 0.8mm of mild steel bars at the end we achieved the Fos near to 2 which was 3.14
  • So from these results we concluded that 0.5 mm thick mild steel angle iron is suitable for frame.
  • On the other hand we did Cfd analysis of seed meter at two different pressures, through which we examine the
    suction at different inlet holes.

Future Work

There is always space for development and improvement is present so we will recommend some future works
which are following

  • The choice of material was limited due to its availability in the future, stainless steel, or aluminum can be used to
    further minimize the weight and increase the strength of structure.
  • Till now its remote controlled but it can be further operated through GPS based or Wi-Fi based.
  • Solar panels can be used for storing solar energy and for charging purpose of batteries.
  • Obstacles avoiding intelligence can also be a good choice of future work.
  • As it’s a single row planter so it can be further modified to multiple row planter.
  • Can be further modified for different seeds planting apart from maize seeds.
  • Detection of seeds holding on the disk through infrared sensors can be considered as a future work.
  • Motor selections can be made for incline plan instead of straight plan
  • Navigation lights can also be considered as part of future work, the purpose of theses navigation lights will be to
    identify the direction of seed planter whether it’s moving towards or moving away.

CFD analysis on seed meter at two different pressures

Exploded Perforated Seed Meter

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