• The Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency found that 30% of the fruits and vegetables produced in Pakistan
    are wasted in harvest and lack of supply chain etc. 
  • Drying is one of the oldest methods using solar energy where the products such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and
    meat, etc. to be dried exposed directly to the sun. This method has many disadvantages such as spoilt products due
    to rain, wind, dust, insect infestation, animal attack and fungi.
  • To solve these problems, we designed a project of solar dehydrator.
  • Solar dehydrator is a device which uses solar energy as heat from the sun coupled with the air directed by a blower
    to the drying chamber to dry substances especially fruit and vegetable for preserving it for several years.


Design and manufacturing of solar dehydrator which save fruits and vegetables and preserve it.


Improvement of design and orientations of the collector to enable it to absorb maximum radiation from the sun during the day would lead to a better performance of the dryer by reducing drying time and increasing the efficiency of the dryer.

  • Design, Manufacturing & Testing of Solar dehydrator .
  • To achieve temperature i.e.(50/60 degree c) in less time.
  • To construct a solar dryer using locally available materials.
  • Reduce the cost of solar dehydrator.
  • It will perform other duties like protection from rain and insects etc.

Group Members

  • Rohail Ali


  • Hassan Javaid

    CU-732-2016 –B

  • Saad Shakir


  • M.Tariq Khan




Co Advisor


Proposed Methodology

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Fabricated Model

Results & Conclusions

  • At velocity of 5(m/s) covered only upper portion
    of the drying chamber
  • When increased the velocity to 7(m/s) it covered
    the little more portion 
  • When the velocity is 10(m/s) it almost covert the
    drying chamber 
  • So we finally select the velocity 10(m/s) and the
    maintain temperature in the drying chamber will
    be 60° C 

Future Work

  • we install artificial intelligence to get all the data to the mobile app 
  • We will scale up the product for large capacity fruit 
  • We will make an industry to start up the business 
  • We will make it using plastic and aluminum sheet 
  • We install sun tracker to improve its efficiency
  • In the future we can install batteries and dryer for the night time backup
  • We can install solar concentrator for the sun radiation and improve efficiency 

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