At the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we have a strong cross-disciplinary team of researchers and academics. The diversity of their backgrounds and current research interests allow us to work at different interfaces of engineering sciences.


Dr. Muftooh Ur Rehman Siddiqi

Associate Professor (Ph.D.), HOD Mechanical Engineering Department  (VIEW PROFILE)

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

Professor & Associate Dean of Research

Dr. S. Saher

Professor & Dean, Student Affairs

Engr. Muhammad Imran Hanif

Assistant Professor & Exam Coordinator

Muhammad Irfan Khan


Gohar Nawaz

Lab Supervisor

Engr. Numan Habib

Laboratory Engineer, Post Graduate Academic Coordinator

Engr. Muhammad Owais Awan

Laboratory Engineer

Engr. Umair Ali

Laboratory Engineer

Engr. Hamood ur Rehman

Laboratory Engineer

Engr. Hashim Khan

Laboratory Engineer

Engr. Sadiq Ali

Laboratory Engineer

Engr. Tahir Nawaz

Laboratory Engineer

Fawad Ali

Lab Supervisor

Shafi Ullah

Lab Supervisor